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Ok, so this blog is written in a reverse timeline, so you get to read the last page of the book first…

So, this week went by really quickly and we accomplished a ton.  Over the last ten days, the permits have been approved, the furniture has been installed and the trim pieces painted.  Little details like caulking nail holes and purchasing linens have been quite the chore.  A long trip to IKEA over the weekend proved fruitful and we got through it.  Tons of little decisions can be exhausting, however, Janet pushed through it and picked a great selection of sheets, towels, pillows and home accessories that make the house a home.  Here are some pictures:

See this home on with this link; Artists Downtown Walkabout on the Bike Path

Here is the link to the house on my website: Artists Downtown Walkabout on the Bike Path on RPM & Sales website

This week with the hurricane winds and rain, this has been a challenge to the exterior paint and yard.  That pales in comparison to all the challenges that ohers have gone through this week in Florida.  My heart and prayers go out to them.  Fortunately, we had several rental properties to help with safe shelters for the evacuees.

The kitchen has come together well and it looks we are on track to apply for final inspections in a week.  The exterior paint can wait until after that.  The white kitchen cabinets really pop with the Sherwin Williams Grey Matters paint choice.  The flat ceilings look great, and well worth the time.  The interior doors were tough in that it was hard to decide whether to replace or recycle.  Some were too far gone to reuse and others were in really good shape.  So, while all doors will not match, we will do our best to recycle what we can.

The next pictures I will post is of the cabinets and the bathrooms.  The tile work should be complete this week…hopefully the sun will come out to assist with the process.  


The interior paint is in and the flooring is too!  The installers worked all day Tuesday to make it happen.  There were countless nails and staples that were removed before the luan subfloor was installed to make it all level and pretty.  The four man crew also installed baseboards and made it look so easy!!  Now, we need to do some electrical and install some doors, trim paint and we are ready to rent.

new flooring

Finally, the week of 8-21-17 the new furnace system was installed by Roess Mechanical, and they did a great job.  We chose a natural gas furnace with electric A/C.  The system makes sense and the unit is backed by a great warranty.  We did pay an extra $1,500 for the gas unit over an electric heat pump but over a five year period we expect to recoup the extra cost.  After the install the contractor called the building department for the inspection on the gas line.  After the inspection passes, then we can hook up the electric to it, charge the freon and get it cooling.  Janet Allen is really excited about the next phase…putting in the kitchen!!!


Working towards a dream of vacation rental ownership is a lofty goal.  Nevertheless, we have taken it on.  Watch here the updates, the trails of working through a remodel using local contractors and the inspired ideas of Janet Allen, project lead and owner of this home.

Completion date is proposed at 8-20-17 just in tie for the solar eclipse event in the Brevard, NC area.


So the remodel is well underway.  With three dumpster loads out and the electrician almost complete, we are better able to project a completion date and schedule the other contractors.  The new side deck looks solid and the wall has been removed between the living room and kitchen for the open concept.  Can lighting is in and the home will be wired with the latest smoke detectors to meet the code.  We are not going to make the eclipse…

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